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Receiving or registering Ldap CRUD notifications on wildfire

We are planning to use our existing LDAP to integrate with wildfire server.

We just want to know, if data is created, modified or deleted on LDAP, will the wildfire get notification for the same. If yes, what configuration would be needed on wildfire for this

Or can we write a plugin, which can be regisatered to LDAP for listening on these CRUD events.

What version of Wildfire/Openfire? There is LDAP caching done, but otherwise it just does direct queries on the LDAP tree. I dont know anything about CRUD, but I would assume it should be possible to write a plugin that gets CRUD events somehow and can refresh the Openfire cache with that information.

We are using wildfire 3.1.1

Do you have some sample code to consume those notifications in wildfire ?