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Recommendation for lean client for Win Terminal Server?

Spark works fine but it looks like maybe 50MB memory per user. That’'s not too easy on my terminal server.

Are there ways to slim Spark down or leads on other Wildfire/Jabber compatible clients that are leaner?

I don’'t really need any fancy features or compatibility with other protocols, just bare bones IM chat/presence stuff.

My searches aren’'t turning anything up. Thanks for any info!

Pandion is alot slimmer than Spark. Just be warned that you can’'t use TLS if using Wildfire 3.2.x.


Um, how do you set pandion to connect to wildfire? I’‘m trying IP, hostname…what’‘s the trick? I’'ve turned off encryption. Sorry about the newbie questions.

Are you typing in the username and password or selection integrated authentication? If integrated authentication is desired, you will need Norman’‘s SASL patch, found here. If you’‘re typing it in manually, it should look something like this: username@server.domain.com. Depending on your setup, you may need to specify the server, but usually you don’'t. For example, for my internal users, i dont need to specify the server (it already gets that from the username) but for my remote users, i have to specify the server as my externally available FQDN. Leaving the port on Auto should be fine. You can also try entering 5222. If you want encryption, select TLS.

Hope that helps!

I got it to work. When I installed Wildfire I didn’'t provide a proper domain during setup. So user/admin error. Reinstall correctly and bam, money.

Pandion works great! Seems to offer everything that Spark doesn’‘t, including an Invisible status option, which I don’'t want for my users. (live by the sword, die by the sword)

So still longing for a very lean Wildfire-compatible client…can I hope for <10MB? Less than Word or Excel would be nice!

Thanks for the help!

Great, so i managed to have two threads, and to boot, one hijacked from another user.


Ah, you’'d think I was new to the BB game!

Psi is what I’'m rocking right now and may test Exodus, all in search of a leaner client. In case you were wondering what the above thread says…