Recommended size and file type for Vcard avatars

Is there a recommended size and file type for Vcard avatars? Am currently running OpenFire 3.5.1 on W2K3 with Active Directory and SQL Server 2005.

Unless you are making your own static avatars in AD it does not really matter. Spark will convert the image to the proper size and format it needs.

4.6 Image Restrictions

The following rules apply to images:

  1. The image SHOULD use less than eight kilobytes (8k) of data; this restriction is to be enforced by the publishing client.
  2. The image height and width SHOULD be between thirty-two (32) and ninety-six (96) pixels; the recommended size is sixty-four (64) pixels high and sixty-four (64) pixels wide.
  3. The image SHOULD be square.
  4. The image content type SHOULD be image/gif, image/jpeg, or image/png; support for the “image/png” content type is REQUIRED, support for the “image/gif” and “image/jpeg” content types is RECOMMENDED, and support for any other content type is OPTIONAL.

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