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Recommended unix/linux server installation for Openfire?


I want to set up a test server on a computer at home. I want it to be a simple as it can be because I dont have experience in unix/linux but I also want it to be as close to what Ill get on VPS or dedicated hosting. What unix/linux package will you recommend for installation?


The best choice is the choice that is right for you. If your hosting provider only gives you a few options, make your test server the same OS. If you get lots of options to choose from, give a few a try and see what you like best. I prefer Debian, and later versions now include Java packages to make Openfire install’s a little easier. Ubuntu is based on Debian, and might be a little more user friendly. Fedora/Centos/Redhat* are also popular choices. One word of caution about installing this on a VPS server: memory is going to get a little tight if you want to run anything else on it. Not impossible to do, just keep an eye on memory consumption.


I would use the same version as your VPS is running. I prefer CentOS, RHEL or Fedora Core over Ubuntu, Gentoo or Debian. And I install without X-Server, so there is no GUI available. So you may want to use Putty or any other SSH client to access your server via your workstation and avoid to use the console. This will likely match the VPS, I guess that there is also no GUI as servers usually do not need to display anything (except for Windows server which need to run a screen saver or something like this).


Thanks for the help.