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Recompiling zhuam''s rostermanager

has anyone had any luck with this? if i use the jar that he supplied, it works.

if i triy to recompile thje source that he supplies, completely sans changes, i get a 404 when trying to access the plugin… any ideas?

using wildfire 2.5.1


what rostermanager? are there other plugins that are not listed on http://www.jivesoftware.org/wildfire/plugins.jsp ?


problem i’‘m having is i can add items, but i can’'t get the update functionality to work… troublesome, that.

and then also the above noted problems recompiling

and zhuam hasn’'t been around in a while.

Hey jerm!

I am release new file for rostermanager plugin. but this is new file must be used to wildfire 2.5 .



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