Reconnect Bug

The reconnect feature is working great, but one thing I wanted to point out was that if you switch networks after it reconnects you must log out and log back on to refresh the IP.

What I mean is

if your server is located at and it’'s internal resolved IP is

when you leave to a public IP rather than reconnecting to the DNS servers and re-resolving the IP to the new public IP address, it reconnects to the already resolved IP of

If you had it reconnect to the server name each time it would fix the issue.


using the default settings a JVM does cache DNS responses forever so one may want to disable this cache. It was discussed for Wildfire and dynamic DNS names already here:

You could create a Spark.vmoptions file which must be in the same directory as Spark.exe with this content as a quick workaround:


If you don’'t use IPv6 at work add also this line:


Thanks for the info!