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Recover Admin password in Openfire 3.6.2

Hi all,

I am running Openfire 3.6.2 with a MySql database. Searching the forums didn’t reveal a way to recover the admin password. I did run through the setup again, but it never prompted me for the admin password. Is it because I am using AD to authenticate? I am able to get in as an admin-level user with my AD account, but I cannot log in as “admin”.

If you are using LDAP authentication the “admin” user does not work. The default password for it is admin.

Ah. Well, our issue was that the user we have configured for AD authentication had it’s password changed, so none of the AD users would work because it couldn’t check AD. So there is no “mixed mode” so to speak? You either have local authentication or LDAP/AD authentication?

edit the openfire.xml file’s setup tag to read false with openfire server shutdown. restart openfire and step through the config of the server again. you can specify a new AD bind user or just refresh the password. make sure that user never expires. i created a user specifically for this.

Yeah, I’ve done that already. I thought that there would still be an admin user.

if you step through the install it will ask for the bind user at the begiining and the admin users later.