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Red 5 installation SPARK + Openfire 3.6.3

Hello everybody!

I am a newbie into this so my questions might be a little unstructured

I am currently installing the plugins for sparka and openfire, i have got it to work so i can see the videos etc. BUt my problem is that i can not mace calls.

It also seemes that i have had different version of the plugin to spark but i now use the plugin that is downloaded from the test page after installing

red5 server.

I now get the CALL button as normal in SPARK. But it is not possible to make calls, nothing happens in the other user where i have installed the red5 plugin. it is the same in both directions. If i remove the red5 plugin and use the call tab then it will be possible to receive a call.

Question 2:

What exactly should be copied into the red5 directory in my www root. I can not find any documentation of this. At the moment i have the directories video , screen and red5phone, i dont know if that is correct.

The test page works and the video roster pops up at both ends.

best regards