Red fire

I was testing the redfire_2way demo and by the way thank you for this improvement.

Maybe it’s my second computer but even with this low rates it took a while to update the conference but it’s probaly the computer i used.

1- Can you give me the list of all ports we have to open please?

2- Can you tell how I can connect from outside the …openfire/video directory. Can I just change the rtmp:/olfaDemo path, or it’s something else.

2a- from another application on the same server (local)

2b- from another application from an external server

3- Can you give us the FLA file???

P.S i did’nt test the screencast demo on windows or mac…but on ubuntu I only see a blank page.

Thank you!

For port information, google RTMFP ports. For all other questions, please look at the HTML/ JavaScript code or download full Java/Flex source code from