Red5 0.0.13 with Vista clients

For some reasons that’s been illuding me for two days now I have not been able to run the Red5 plug-in successfully in Spark under Vista Enterprise. On Windows XP all is well. When I test the URL’s in Firefox it all seems to function, but in IE or Spark it fails. For testing I have already removed just about all security from IE for the test server URL, but it still refuses to show the Flash pages. Anyone come across this and fixed it? I love Spark / Openfire but webcam chat is a hard requirement for my company. If only I can get this to work. . . .

Finally figured out how to install Flash in Vista. You need the separate installer, not the one that you can install online. Another problem solved.

Hey Trust,

Thanks for sharing this with us. It will certainly help other people in the community.


– Gato

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