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Red5, http-bind and httpbase

I’'m sorry for Dele but I have another question about Red5 customization.

Red5 plugin works great into my website (you’'re a good work!), but now I want to insert the webchat in other websites, using always the same wildfire server (and its httpbind).

So I changed config.js: now BACKENDS.httpbase is ‘‘http://myserverip:9090/red5/jwchat5’’.

But it doesn’'t work.

Some tips?

I wrote a basic proxy in the red5 plugin to make Openfire (Wildfire) http-bind simple to use so that users do not have to make make any changes to the embedded JWChat5 and also to get past the security problem in Firefox with HttpRequest.

If you are planning on using JWChat from another website then set your BACKENDS.httpbase to Openfire (wildfire) directly and ignore my proxy with ‘‘http://myserverip:8080/http-bind’’. Change port 8080 to match your Openfire (Wildfire) configuration.

It may work in IE if you set your security zone and allow x-domain, but you will still have a problem with Firefox.


OK, let’‘s semplify the problem: at the moment let’'s forget Red5 :).

The Wildfire 3.2.2 server works (tested using Gaim and Kopete).

HTTP-Bind is setted in 8081 port.

In another website I installed JSJac simple client and tested it using these values:

The result is (in Firefox, with Firebug extension):

+[Exception… "Component returned failure code: 0xc1f30001 (NS_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED)

" nsresult: “0xc1f30001 (NS_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED)” location: "JS

frame :: javascript: eval(firebugTemp); :: anonymous :: line 1" data: no]+

In IE the result is simply an Object error.

In Jsjac’‘s Debugger, the message is (I’'m traslating it from my language):

Denied permission to the call method XMLHttpRequest.open

Sorry for all this questions, but I searched here and in Google, read many tutorials and threads, tested everything for many days but with no result .

Autoreply: Maybe the problem is here.

So I set IE in a low security level.

OK: IE connects but now Debugger say me:

(but I am authorized)

Update: Here the wildfire log:

DIGEST-MD5: digest response format violation. Incompatible charset value: utf-8

It seems the same problem of another thread but I don’'t understand the solution :(.

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Unless you have a compelling reason to use the latest JSJAC version 0.6.1, I suggest you use another version. I can confirm version 0.5 works with Wildfire3.2.2.


You’'re great!

JsJac 0.5 link is dead but I found it in your plugin: now everything works

Ps: I’'m submitting the bug to JsJac developers.

Hi there,

I am successfully using the latest JSJAC libraries for http-binding.

But I had to disable the SASL detection code in the javascript.

In JSJACConnection.js - change the line:



// this.has_sasl=true;


I am sure there is a better way to stop it even checking but this worked fine.

Hope this is helpful.