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Red5 Installation

Hi everyone, i need to install the red5 plug-in in order to have access to video calls, but i don´t know how to do it. I have downloaded a .war and a .jar file but when i try to install the plug in it appears a message indicating that everuthing is OK, but it doesn´t install anything.

I´m using openfire, spark and sparkweb. The openfire is installed on a Windows Server 2003 and works perfect.

I will appreciate your help.

Ing. José Martínez.

So two questions:

Are you having issues putting it on the server, or with the client.

And when you say that it shows that things are ok, is there a message you are seeing? Do you see a Red5 tab at the top??

Essentially you just copy the .war file into the plugins folder of openfire on the server. The .jar that is inside the .war file gets copied to the spark client in its plugin folder.

The more info we got, the easier it is to help :slight_smile:

Hi @bmwplow,

I´m having issues in both of them:

Server: I use the web GUI to install the red5-plugin.war, the a message appears telling me that ia have to wait a few minutes to view the installed plugin in the list, but when i refresh the page it doesn´t appear.

Client: As you said, i manually copied the .jar file in the Plugin Folder… Then, when i opened the Spark i was able to see the red5 Manu in the Toolbar, but, when i click on “Open Audio/Video Roster” it appears an empty window.

What do i have to do now???

Thanks in advance.

Thanks a lot, i have resolved the problem installed the latest openfire version