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Red5 Issue with Spark!


I have just had a quick look at the RED 5 plugin and it looks really good.

I can see the red5 test page at - localhost:8080/red5/

All the features see to work fine on there, i have installed the SPARK plugin also but the problems occurs when i click on the red5 options in spark -

“RED5”- “Open Audio Video Roster” - I then get the error message in a new window that says -



Powered by Jetty://

This happends when i try all the options form the red5 option in spark ( the error message above does change depending on the option that you choose)

Anyone got any ideas ?

hello if you are not using the red5 V0.13 plugin then use it that has be fixed in the v0.13

found here

in the red5 v.0.13 there is a spark plugin update the red5-plugin.jar in your spark client and that will change the http for the video flash from port 9090 to port 8080

then the flash video will no longer code 404 but be on the right port fore the flash.