Red5 + Openfire = redfire

redfire is the future of the Red5 plugin for Openfire.

In an attempt to maintain a single version of Red5phone and keep Openfire (ver 3.7.0) in step with Red5 (ver 0.9.1), I have chosen to embed Openfire inside Red5 instead of the other way round.

I have posted the first version at

This first version is just only Openfire 3.7.0 beta running as a web application in Red5. You acess Openfire web console the same way. http://your_server:9090

I will be adding the improved redfire sparkweb client with latest versions of red5phone, red5screen-share and support for onesocialweb later on.


Hm… great Welcome back

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Great news! Talk to me over IM to see if we can get Redfire a proper place in our shiny new tools. It’d be a shame to have to depend on another website for releases!

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It is great to be back even though it is a few hours each week for now. Thanks for keeping the lights on at igniterealltime

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hi!!! im new here …me and my friend is planing to creat desktop IM and for this to use openfire+red5… i want to know if we have like our help team .and colour room premium users …how to do that …as in admin console we can not creat our team in differnet colour… i will be great ful to you if you will let me know im expecting about 5000 user max from global…

Hi @Dele Olajide! I’ve downloaded the latest Redfire for Openfire 3.7.0 and above and running it on OF 3.7.1. Everything is working as it should be but if i start OF i get a huge list of warnings/errors. I can’t figure out why nor if its good(ok) or not. Maybe you could have a look?

I have saved the whole list to view as a .txt document right here.


Hi Dele, We have been able to configure RedFire with Openfire. Audio and video chats works great. We are not able to find out how to record all the audio and video chats. KIndly Let us know how to configure redfire so as to start recording all the audio and video chats.


I am new user open fire and I’m testing the integration of the same with the Redfire, but when I try to do a video chat in the spark that is my client hangs and nothing happens.

Any version of openfire and Redfire you have running ?? Could you recommend me some documentation for consultation on how to install and configure ??

Yes you can run redfire if you have configured it correctly. If you are getting a Grey Screen while trying to chat then this is the problem with Flash. Open Internet Explorer and install Latest flash Player. Once you do this restart you Open fire and check the same.