Red5 Plugin Download

I hate to ask such a basic question but I can’t seem to find this plugin as a War.

On the dev’s website he/she says it is not ready but I’ve see a few threads that have links to it that don’t work. (ie: )

I’ve had no problem setting up Openfire and Sparkweb on the latest build of Debian, but this little task is throwing me for a loop. I look forward to testing this plugin.

Thank you

Try this Extract the file red5.war and install as an openfire plugin.

Thank you.

I found a previous with a URL similar to this but the zip I download is 0kb in size. My guess would be this URL is blocked by my firewall or maybe that specific server is down. I will know more when I try it at home or someone else confirms.

Thank you for the response!

Sure enough, firewall is blocking the download. Odd…

But thank you!