Red5 Plugin: Modification for good Audio and video


I have added some code to my red5 installation.

Getting very good voice & video respose.

Wanna Try?

Content of my video.lzx

================================================================================ ===

canvas width=“320” height=“160” debug=“false” proxied=“false”>


Share your experience.

Thanks & Regards,

Puspendu Banerjee

Thu Jan 11 02:00:30 2007



Sounds interesting. Screenshots?



Hi Matt,

Pls. Let me know what ScreeShots you are asking about?

Thanks & regards,

Puspendu Banerjee

Hi Puspendu,

Thanks for sharing your code changes.

It seems the changes you made were around fine tunning the microphone and camera

original code

myCamera.setMode(160, 120, 15, true);

myCamera.setQuality(25600, 0);

your changes

myCamera.setMode(160, 120, 5, true);

myCamera.setQuality(30, 1);


According to Adobe documentation for

SetQuality, SetMode and SetRate

You have dropped sound capture rate from 8khz to 5khz and you have dropped frame rate from 15 to 5 frames a second, set maximuim bandwith to 30 bytes a second and forced maximuim compression.

I am not a flash developer so can you explain for my benefit why you made the changes.

Like Matt, I am curious to see screen shots of how you have used the plugin or your webcam


Hi Dale,

myCamera.setQuality(30, 1); is a typo

it will be myCamera.setQuality(30*1024, 1);

to limit the Bandwith with 30kbps.

Please let me know if I have done something wrong…

Thanks & Regards,

Puspendu Banerjee