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Red5 plugin out of the office

I’ve got Openfire 3.3.1 and Spark 2.5.5 with the red5 plugins running, and everything is running well. Internally, red5 works great, but externally, we can’t get it to work. Even when we have VPN connected clients off the LAN, the red5 window in Spark gives a 404 HTTP error. Spark works great through the firewall, or on the VPN. Red5 however, does not work either through a firewall with open ports or on the VPN (Cisco IPSec).

The following ports were opened:






Anything else I need to open to get this to work? More importantly, what do I need to do to get Red5 to work over a VPN connection?


See http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/151036#151036

On the other hand, 404 HTTP from Spark suggets that you cannot access the Openfire web server from Spark externally. Reconfigure Spark setting the server name explicitly and confirm that your can access the red5 test page with the server name.