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Red5 Plugin ver 0.0.4 released

Hi All,

Thanks for downloading and testing the Red5 Plugin and providing back the feedback which is helping me to improve it. I promised to make new releases when the Red5 team update their server so here comes a new release.

New Features

Red5 ‘‘Phone’’ Calls: Support provided for JiveSoftware Phone Integration Proto XEP (as used by AsteriskIM) to enable audio/video calls between Spark, Pandion and JWChat5 clients.

Spark plugin updated to support Red5 calls. Pandion patch available to support Red5 calls.

Red5 properties can now be modified from Wildfire admin webpage

Red5 embedded server updated to 0.6 RC2

Video screen has controls to stop/start subscribed streams as well as mute/unmute audio/video on published stream.

See changelog for more

How to use

There are curently two ways of using the Red5 audio/video features

  1. You can make Red5 calls between Spark, Pandion and JWChat5 clients

  2. You can open an audio/video presence roster and monitor up to 12 users.

To make a Red5 call, right click on the contact and select “Call”.

In Spark, you can also call a contact by name. On the menu, go to “Actions|Dial Number” and enter the username of the contact.

Red5 Calls Feature is disabled by default. Enable it after install from Administration web page.

To open up the video presence roster, select “Audio/Video” from the menu. In Pandion, it is under ‘‘Tools’’.

You can add a person to the video roster by a right click and selecting “AudioVideo”.

To remove a person from the video roster do it again. It has a toggle effect.

In Spark and JWChat5, participants of conference rooms entered and active IM sessions will be added and removed automatically.

See Readme for more