Red5 Plugin version 0.0.13


I have just uploaded version 0.0.13 here. I have fixed the port problem for the Red5 Spark plugin. It now uses whatever is the httpbind.port.plain server setting which by default is 8080 unless you change it.

JWChat5 is back, but you have to install it. Download from here and follow the readme. Many thanks to Webdev for making this available.


New version of the plugin is now available in the beta plugins page.


– Gato

hello thankyou dele and webdave I have got the openfire 3.4.5 and red5 v 0.13 and the jwchat zip new jwchat working now from in the red5plugin

and would like to thank Dele and Webdav for your hard work to provide all this for us

Thank you Bruce