Red5 plugin version 0.1.01

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First the good news!!

This is first milestone and hence the jump in version numbers. I think I have identified all the features needed and happy with the direction it is going, so now all effort will be on fixing all outstanding faults and getting out of beta into a usable 1.0.0 state.

This version has a new feature to enable SparkWeb be used as container for a web applications. The web application appears as a tab in the chat window. It is not 100% perfect and has a quirk due to the way it has been done. It uses an iFrame in the browser to display the web application by making the screen space invisible in flash. This means if you popup a flash window on top of your web application, the flash window will be invisible. I have modified SparkWeb to compensate by switching off the web application invisibility when windows are opened like the search dialog for example. For good measure, I have added a button to the toolbar to toggle the web application visible/invisible. See my blog on how I use SparkWeb with Clearspace.

A big thank you to Lior Herman, has made changes to Red5phone to enable it work better with SIP proxies other than Asterisk. There is now a new parameter called the displayed phone number which could be different from the username. In Asterisk, I used an extension for both.

Next the ugly news!

This version of the red5 plugin is for Openfire 3.6.0 and above. It is now packaged as a zip file which contains the red5.war file. This is to solve two problems. First is version control especially as Openfire 3.6 broke SparkWeb compatibility and secondly is my web server that downloads war files as zip files. Red5 server is still at 0.7.0. I am waiting for the final 0.8.0 release before attempting an upgrade

The Fastpath tab in SparkWeb is a teaser. I am trying to gauge interest.

Finally the bad news

No progress on the Red5 Spark plugin for Mac users. I am making very slow progress on my Hackintosh and there is light at the end of the tunnel.