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Red5 spark plugin issues

IT seems that red5 suffers from a few issues in spark.

  1. in Spark 2.0.8 it doesnt seem to auto pop-up a red5 window on the recieving end but audio starts streaming instantly.

  2. No way for the recieving end to kill a conversation it seems.

  3. Only way to stop streaming audio is to deny Flash access to my mic webcam.

  4. seems like you can accidently start multiple Red5 sessions with the same person creating a weird audio echo issue and it starts to cause lag in the video.

I really like this plugin though and I think it has a lot of potential for spark.

Thanks for feedback. I will add the issues you identified to my fault tracker.


Hi jcluff,

Can you kindly give red5 plugin version 0.0.4 at test and let me know if you still have those issues with Spark.

You will also need to update to the latest Spark plugin here