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Red5 SparkWeb "Web Browser" and "httpURL" = blank window

Sorry if I am being dense, but now that I’ve successfully installed and connected with the red5-0.1.11 version, but do not undestand why the values (for example) in index.html:

httpLabel: “Ignite”,
httpURL: “http://www.igniterealtime.com”,

aren’t working.

Is this related to the “Web Browser” button in the SparkWeb client? Should I be able to put any url I want into the index.html page and click the web browser button to launch it within the client? That would be very nice.

typo in the original post- I am using “http://www.igniterealtime.org”, and have tried several URLs with no success.

OK- I see pages are appearing in Opera 9.63 (sporadically- mouseover makes pages disappear when www.yahoo.com was used for URL). Not seeing anything but blank white page in latest Safari or Firefox and haven’t tested IE.

Safe to assume this isn’t working anymore in latest red5 sparkweb? Hope it’s included in Redfire. Having a web based chat client that alllows people to work within a company intranet site will increase adoption rates of users with small or single monitor setups. Otherwise notifications will be buried behind other windows.

This feature is only working in IE. It seems broken in all other browsers. Same situation in Redfire. The diference is that I now use the browser control to fool applications like saleforce.com or gowebtop that reject being run from an iframe.