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Red5 sparkweb

hi to all, i’m having problem with the reb5 plugin when i open a chat the screen, i can’t seen it. it’s being over lap with the web page… is there anything i have to do… thanks in advance…

Operating system? Browser? Flash player version?

i’m currently using windows xp and ie 7 as a webbrowser, with regards to flash player i’m using ver. 10.

I have the same issue.

The browser window shows up in a “tab” in the Sparkweb GUI, and when I close the tab, the browser window is still there,

overlaying the other contents like a new chat with a buddy.

OS: Mac OS X 10.5.5

Browsers: Safari 4.0 (beta), Firefox 3.0.5

Flash: 10,0,12,36

What is your red5 version? I’m using red5-0.1.05 and i havent seen such behavior. Though i havent launched it for a long time. And now it for some reason dont even log me in. Will check later.

Restarted the server. Everything is ok, internet web page doesnt overlap other tabs.

I was running red5 01.0.1 and 01.0.2 when the issue occured.

Now I updated to 01.0.8, and I can’t login anymore ;(

Have you restarted Openfire after red5 update? It needs to restart Openfire’s internal web server. I cant upload red5 here (30 MB). I can try to upload it somewhere else, but only in the evening. Or you can try to find that version yourself.

Here, you can download 0.1.05 if you want and try with this version: http://www.wroot.lt/misc/red5-0.1.05.zip

Issue fixed in 0.1.08, had to change the connection setting from socket to rtmpt in the index file for sparkweb to be able to login after updating from 0.1.02.

To the original poster, I’d suggest you update to 0.1.08, the issue seems to be fixed there.