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Red5 standalone sip not working in Linux

hi guys,

I want to deploy web based sip application on Red5 standalone server. I followed the procedure which was posted in the following links


http://npramesh.wordpress.com/2008/06/05/web-based-sip-phone-with-flex-java-and- red5-server/.

I’m trying this whole deployment on Centos Linux. The issues i’m facing are:

  1. As mentioned in the document Red5 0.7 version has facing build failure in Linux Operating system.

  2. So i downloaded Red5 0.8 version and replaced red5.jar with the one which given in the document. Since then my red5 server is not even able

to start up.

3)Finally i tried to re install the Red5 0.8 and again tried to deploy it but in vain.

can any one give the exact solution on Linux version not the windows one.