Red5 v1.0.6

Hi dele what comments do we remove in sparkweb/plugins/plugins.xml int the what comments to we remove to activate the plugins like to play some music I love good music this is grate stuff


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <!-- - Represents a tab. id - Must be unique so state can be saved properly. label - The label of the tab. id - Must be unique per view so state can be saved properly. title - The title of the pod. dataSource - The xml to load for the pod.

Remove comments from tag below to activate plugins in SparkWeb


I had to change webcamavitar: “false” to “true” to make webcam work

do you mean to remove " " from the ids lable and title

re login with v1.06 if you get username password wrong the page dos not refresh any more but dos nothing no reply invalid user pasword it just stays on the login page and dos nothing but getting closer


Is there a way to past code into this form as I dont want to have to type it out every time post I have tried all the options in the >> still when I past the code gets remove from te post and the html editor


So I am including the xml file please let me know if it is coded right
plugins.xml (822 Bytes)


I too am trying to get plugins to work in sparkweb. Got the comment tag in the right location and see it in sparkweb. How did you get music to work?

non of the tabs show up in sparkerb as of yet but I keep trying what is comment tag is that a tab at the bottem just right of the messenger roster I dont even have that so no plugins working here yet

put --> next line after remove. delete --> near the end.

I did that but when I login to saprkweb get pop message saying plugins.xml could not load so I put it back!

Hello All,

Where can I DL the 1.06 bits to test out?

from here

I instaleld it, but for some reason, I see the red 5 plugin twice under the plugins page. I am also getting an error in the red5._errors.log file:

Any Ideas?
red5.log (26403 Bytes)
red5error.log (9534 Bytes)

did you uninstall the older red5 plugin before installing the new one if not stop your openfire server then remove the red5.war file and the red5 foldre.Then restart you openfire after it has started and cleard the older plugin then stop you openfire again and put the new red5.war file into the openfire plugins file and start the openfore clean all you browser catches.