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Red5 Voip Call

Hi all,

it seemed that i am to dumb to get the Voip call feature running.

i am using Openfire 3.6.3 with Red-Beta 0.1.02 and Spark 2.5.8 with the corresponding Red5-Plugin.

Most of the features are working like the audio/video roster, but it is not possible to use the one-to-one audio/video function, because the drop down menu is not showing the call function.

I am quite sure that it is server related problem, as i did connect my client with an internet based openfire server and there was the function active.

I assume, that i have to config something on the server, or to give access to some special ports, or something like that.

At some of the documents in this community there is a hint to an config tab in the server section, which i did not find in my installation, could this be the problem?

Here some additional infos:

  • HTTP Binding active at port 8080 like mentioned in the Red5 config

  • Real time media proxy active

Would be nice, if somebody could give me a hint.



Just to answer a small part of that. There should be a tab called Red5 to the far right when you click on Server in the Openfire Admin console.

Ahh, ok, then this seemed to be the first part of my problem, there is no Red5 Tab in the openfire admin console.

So i will try to reinstall the openfire server with the plugin to see if there anything will change.

Thanks for this.

Ok, thats it.

There seemed to be a problem with the update from version 3.6.0 to 3.6.3

After uninstall and reinstall of the openfire server is the Red5 tab available.

So, i could activate the phone feature and thats it.

Thanks for the help