Red5Call videosize

Hi guys,

sorry if there is already any solution provided in here but i haven’t found one with the boardsearch…

anyway… i’m trying to establish openfire as a conferencing tool in our company… it’s working great but the size of the webcamcall is a little bit to small for our leaders. Is there any possibility to get the call fullscreen or at least the conferencing partner a little bit bigger?..

I’m sorry for the bad english in the text above… i’m workin’ on it

Although… I hope to get some answears soon…

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no one?!

Hi guys,

thanks for your answers… heh… I’ve done it by myself so far but now i have got another problem. I’ve increased the videocallsize to 512*384 (no more space on a 1280x1024 beamer ) aaand I increased the canvas size in video320x240.lzx (if anyone is interested in my updated soures from red5 i will upload them if I’m allowed so far)… when i start the video320x240.lzx.swf the canvas size is the right one… nice and firm… big and so on … but when i make a video call out from spark with red5 the canvas size stays the same like with the resolution of 320x240… WHY TO HELL?! … can anyone tell me where i can find the canvas size from the red5call ? I’ve searched through all lzx files on the server and found less than nothing…

how can i open the red5-plugin.jar file to have a look in it, if there is any mystery canvas size?

thanks so far…

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I’d love to know the answer. I lost lot of time trying to make this window bigger but I find no answer [widow where I go to ‘publish desktop screen’ in Spark]. The creator of this plugin said to download swfmill.exe, take myVideo.xml from src folder and make the new myVideo.swf.

It does NOT work!!

I really do not get wy so simple thing like changing window size is so complex… should be just parameter in file or in plugin config menu. Anyway what the author was thinking about setting this window to be so small?

Look in spark\classes\org\jivesoftware\spark\plugin\red5\

private void show2WayWindow(String address) {

try {

String you = address.substring(0, address.indexOf(’@’));
String myAddress = SparkManager.getSessionManager().getJID();
String me = myAddress.substring(0, myAddress.indexOf(’@’));
String url = “http://” + red5server + “:” + red5port + “/” + red5Name + “/video/video320x240.html?me=” + me + “&you=” + you + “&bw=” + bandwidth + “&pq=” + picQuality + “&fps=” + framesPerSec + “&msr=” + micSetRate + “&url=” + red5URL + “&date=” + new Date(); //changed
String title = "Red5 Call - " + you;

displayBrowser(670, 290, url, title);

currentCallerJID = address;

catch (Exception e) {
Log.error(“show2WayWindow:”, e);

private void recordMessageWindow(String address) {

try {

String you = address.substring(0, address.indexOf(’@’));
String myAddress = SparkManager.getSessionManager().getJID();
String me = myAddress.substring(0, myAddress.indexOf(’@’));
String url = “http://” + red5server + “:” + red5port + “/” + red5Name + “/video/videomailrecorder.html?me=” + me + “&you=” + you + “&url=” + red5URL + “&date=” + new Date(); //changed
String title = "Red5 Message Record " + you;

** displayBrowser(322, 322, url, title);**

busyNow(“Recording a Red5 Message”);

catch (Exception e) {
Log.error(“recordMessageWindow:”, e);

private void viewScreenWindow(String address) {

try {

String you = address.substring(0, address.indexOf(’@’));
String url = “http://” + red5server + “:” + red5port + “/” + red5Name + “/screen/screen.html?username=” + you + “&date=” + new Date();
String title = "Desktop Screen " + you;

** displayBrowser(610, 460, url, title);**

catch (Exception e) {
Log.error(“viewScreenWindow:”, e);

IT simply does not work.

I did open file C:\Program Files\Openfire\plugins\red5\spark\classes\org\jivesoftware\spark\plugin\red5\Re

I modified displayBrowser parameters in functions show2WayWindow, recordMessageWindow, viewScreenWindow [ewerywhere 800, 600].

I saved file, I restarted plugin, I restarted openfire.

When I open link http://server:7070/red5/screen/screen.html?username=user and… I see this miniwindow… no change.

Even so simply thing like changing the url (instead of ‘’ when I choose ‘publish desktop screen’ I want ‘’) does not work at all (I did enter 'String url = “” + red5port + “/” + red5Name + “/viewer?username=” + me;)

Looks like you can enter what you want in this file and it has NO influence at all…

So, could you please clearly write point by point what to do do change window size and to modify url?

Somewhere there is a word about some OpenLaszlo but what to do with this aplication, for what, what’s input, what output…

I can simply add, that changing .java files will of course do nothing. You have to compile them into .class files (c.cmd file is for that) and put them into .jars (makejar.cmd…) If you are modifying spark plugin - you have to overwrite old one in your Spark client.

Anyway, you are on your own - setting up Java environment with all the libraries, compiling - it’s a lot of steps, plenty of places what can go wrong

Big thanks to dele … worked fine and properly…

but now i have to ask one more question… is it possible do build a second 2way video with fullscreen ability? i’m trying to do that now but there are no further results yet…

Hello Blacktronix, can you share your modified files with me. I’m very interesting in a bigger Video size.

Thank you in advance of your help.

Hi, Blacktronix

I tried to change, and when i compile it, i got a error, would you please tell me how to compile it, thanks a lot!

I have already edit the c.cmd like this :

“C:\Java\jdk1.6.0_22\bin\javac” -Xlint -classpath .;…\lib\BareBonesBrowserLaunch.jar;…\base.jar;…\spark.jar;…\ …\smack.jar;…\smackx.jar org\jivesoftware\spark\plugin\red5*.java


But, when i run c.cmd, i just got 3 error messages, i have no idea where is this “getJID():”

Erro:cannot find getJID()

String youAddress = contactItem.getJID()

what I got is another error: “cannot find getJIDFromNickname()” ,

jid = userManager.getJIDFromNickname(nickname);

I fix it finally,

must unzip base.jar,smack.jar,smackx.jar,spark.jar from spark2.5.8(not 2.6.0Beta) to /opt/openfire/plugins/

and i write .sh file for javac and making jar.

thanks, dele,

Would you add some options on red5 config webpage? so we can choice 160x120 or 320x240 or 640x480 for different apply?

thank all of U.

But how can i change the video page size in spark exe.