Redfire and spark hangs

I installed redfire and spark, it works fine, but the spark hangs. The audio and video works, but I can´t start a new message or anything. I need to end task on windows task.

redfire 0.0.5 on my Openfire 3.7.0 (linux)

redfire 0.0.9 on spark 2.6.3

java the lastest version

I have the same problem. Made a thread but no answer yet…

Nick, I tried to install a sparkweb to see if there it works (audio and video), but there aren´t any option to call a webcam. Did you try it? Do you know if have this option?

This is only an idea, maybe works fine.

Hi !

I had the same problem, the only way I’ve found so far to solve was to change the version to 2.5.8 Spark in which works perfectly.

I hope I have helped!

That´s it man!!! Works!!!

Thanks a lot.