Redfire doesn't wok!

i download the openfire 3.7 and

And put the redfire.war to the plugin folder but i can’t start openfire,the log says:

com.ifsoft.redfire.RedfirePlugin cannot be cast to com.ifsoft.iftalk.plugin.voicebridge.RedfirePlugin

who can help me ?

sorry, I have never met this problem

Hi Jackilin,

As I’m faceing the same problem, I placed OpenFire + RedFire on Windows XP EN SP 3.

Could you tell me what platform do you exactly use: Windows 7 or Windows Server? Which versions of Open Fire and RedFire exactly?

Best regards,



I have installed RedFire on:

Windows Server

I also have installed it on:

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux, Apple OS

There could be a lot of things causing your RedFire install to not work. The first thing I would check is:

1.) Red5 only works with Java 32-bit. So if you have a 64-bit install and JAVA_HOME is pointing to that 64-bit install, this will present an issue.

2.) Since your using Windows XP, I would recommend using VMWare Player an install CentOS or some version of linux. Then try to instal RedFire.

If WindowsXP is the only thing you can use and it’s really important to you to get RedFire installed. Maybe we can do a trade and I can help you out.

Thank you Michael for the answer. I’ll check if RedFire works on a different OS - I used 32-bit Java, so it shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve seen that svn contains some changes, so if the first try with OS fails, I’ll try to build this plugin from sources.