Redfire install doesn;t appear to work

I have just installed openfire 3.7.1 and got spark up and running with no problems. I would like to be able to do the remote desktop “feature” that redfire/red5 seems to offer. However, when I stop the openfire service, put the redfire.war file in the plugins directory, start the service, and go to http://myserver:7070/redfire I get a 404. If I go to the root url http://myserver:7070 I get the Openfire HTTP BInding Service page. Seems like all is well, but can;t seem to get redfire to get going. Any help/direction would be appreciated.

First thing that comes to mind is the version of Java you are running. Red5 requires 32-bit version of java.

Can you open the command line and post the results after typing:
java -version

At server console:

java version “1.6.0_18”

Java ™ SE Runtime Environment 9build 1.6.0_18-b07)

Java Hotspot ™ Client VM 9build 16.0-b13, mixed mode, sharing)

But I have not installed java from on the server, just the JRE that came with openfire.

I forgot that the JRE is included. So that should be fine.

It sounds like you may have downloaded a version of Red5 Plugin that is designed for an earlier version of openfire

1.) stop openfire, delete the red5 plugin, restart opnefire…does opnefire start without a problem?

2.) If so, try downloading a new copy or the red5 plugin, making sure to get the plugin that is made for you version of opnefire 3.7.1.

3.) unzip the download and place the war file in the plugin directory

3.) restart openfire…are you able to navigate to the Red5 page?

I pulled the only version from h… should I be looking for it somewhere else?

ok, that is the source of your problem.

The url to the Red5 plugin that you need for OpenFire version 3.7.0 and above is: n=2&q=

The instructions for installation are:

Excellent! Now I get the test page. I’ll go throught the config for spark and let you knwo how that goes.


Tried to do the server config like the ignite site says but its not there. Copied the redfire-plugin.jar file into spark clients plugin directory and now I get the red 5 ina circle and the share my screen buttons. Just need a other machine to test it with but looks good!

is your openfire installed on Linux? Now i have installed openfire 3.7.1 on ubuntu, and put the redfire.war file in the plugin directory, but i got many error information: table"ofVoicebridge" not found ;logback issues…and others…

Yes my install is on Linux. I use Centos version 6.

1.) Did your openfire install run correctly before you put in the redfire.war file in the plugins directory?

2.) Maybe try installing VMWare Player and a different version of Linux (Centos, Fedora) and install Openfire with redfire.war plugin there so you have a working environment that you can compare your Ubuntu install with.

Other tan that I don’t know if I can help. I stopped using Debian based versions of Linux years ago.

i really appreciate your advice, and I’m also considering to change the working environment, it seems redfire works well with particular openfire edition and OS, but others not.

Again, thank you very much!

My install is on windows, sorry.

i am now trying the winXP environment, but it doesn’t seem to work well, either.

and, your windows edition is?

Windows Server 2003.

well, thank you all the same~