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Redfire not working only with spark client

audio/video via redfire plugin is not working only on spark client but on the otherhand on every browser it is working perfectly.

i have tested my audio/video on test page publish by my local server on http://chat.test.com:7070/redifire which was successful but still no luck when working with openfire spark client (i am using version 2.6.3). it is just blank.

it is like partially working on some laptops and PCs and on some computers and laptops it is showing blank. i do not get any error in error log so i could get the clue of this error.

just troubleshooting purpose. i disable redfire plugin in spark on receiver’s end and then i copy the generated URL from there. i try to open this link on effected computer and surprisingly on all browsers it was working great. with no issues. and as expected audio/video/desktop all working well but when it comes to the window pops up by spark client it just give me the blank display.

please help

Thank you.


Issue resolved, i found out that my flash player was uptodate but was corrupted and i reinstalled flashplayer offline line from adobe website.

from here


and it worked.

I installed both for IE and for plugin browsers.

but in my openion if test page is working fine then openfire should also work fine.

but if you are stuck in same case as mine. test page is your friend and if test page show you success then check the flash player.

i hope this might help others,