Redfire-plugin for download?

I am testing redfire 0.0004 and when I go to the test page and acces to spark plugin the browser prompts me for download it. I don’t understand it that is an error or where I should put that plugin.

Please could you help me?

Thanks in advance!


how you access to test page?..the path…

I go to http://localhost:7070/redfire/ and then I click on “here” of the “Spark Plugin” section, that link point to http://localhost:7070/redfire/spark/redfire-plugin.jar and browser it prompts to download redfire-plugin.jar. Is that correct or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!


that is correct… because only is a pluging for spark, after install spark you can put plugin (this) inside plugin folder of files of spark

usually this folder is: C:\Program Files\Spark\plugins

for download spark you can check:

Oh, I was confused spark with sparkweb!

anyway when I click on 2Way audio/video (click here) link that points to http://localhost:7070/redfire/video/video.html?me=test1&you=test2&key=secret_key it prints:


Problem accessing /redfire/video/video.html. Reason:

Not Found

Could you help me?

hello bro,

check my last answer here:


Use the attachments

Thanks Dele,

I am somewhat lost among so many links and forum entries, the link you provide is a guide that works? I am looking for a web client chat with ssl support. I am trying to make old sparkweb works with ssl , but there is no way

Is able redfire to provide that: xmpp client + ssl?

Thanks in advance!

If you want secure xmpp, use xmpp + tls instead of ssl. See xiff library for more information. Spark web 0.9 does not use latest xiff and does not support tls.

If you want secure video/audio with redfire plugin, use rtmpe instead of rtmp. The new rtmfp is always encrypted and secure