Redirecting the administration URL to some different base

Hi there,

while trying out Openfire i´d like to have the administration panel in some other location than just the root domain + a port.

Instead something like would be great, however clients should still have their IDs as

Is there any way to accoumplish this ?

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you could use apache and reverse proxy and make it whatever you want.

That´s actually what i´ve tried, however just a simple Reverse does not seem to be sufficient hence it will only change the first login page.

All subsequent pages will need to be modified in order to reflect the different location as well (e.g. menu links etc) as they still point to rather than

Isn´t there any option / code line to be modified to reflct the base url ?

Or am I missing something in my apache conf ?



not exactly the place for it, but roxy.html

something like that. I am doing that with another app and apache and it works just fine and you would never know whats behind apache

I have exactly the same problem, can anybody help?