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Reducing the (~86Mb) Installed Size!

I was prepared for an installed size of perhaps 30Mb, from the 17Mb installer, but when

it became ~86Mb, I was really quite surprised and somewhat shocked.

So, how to reduce the size of the installation, if possible?

I zapped ~50Mb of files, hoping that they were not used and sadly, the app no

longer runs.

Anyone have a smaller compiled binary for 2k/xp, or know how to go about compiling

this for size reduction?

Or, is it somehow possible to remove some of the larger files and still have a working



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you did also install the JVM, it uses about 60 MB while Wildfire uses only 15 MB.

If you have already an installed Java 1.5.0_06 JVM you may want to use it. The 6 MB download package does not include Java JRE.

It is Java, so there’‘s nothing with compiling. Maybe you’'ll be even more shocked if you look at your Task Manager and the memory usage of the Wifi process.


And you can remove a documentation too. But why it’'s bothering you so much? This is not very much in our days.

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you did also install the JVM, it uses about 60 MB

Quite correct; now, if only all of my apps used it, everything would be fine, but

no, I have to keep my HD crammed with all sorts of underlying software, such

as several VBs, several .NETs, M$-JVM, none of which interoperate with the

respective disparate apps. So nice to have all that BLOAT mucking about!

Ironically, the idea of having each one installed is to provide less HD usage.

This is the same for each M$ machine that I own, use, or attend.

Frankly, it is somewhat ridiculous.

while Wildfire uses only 15 MB.

Well, one of them, or both uses a bit more, to make ~86Mb total.

If you have already an installed Java 1.5.0_06 JVM

you may want to use it.

The M$ JVM is installed, but not compatible, or removable.

It is Java, so there’'s nothing with compiling.

No, that is not quite true.

In fact, Java code can be compiled, although there is no guarantee of success when

doing so, which is why I asked (hopefully) if anyone had done so with Wildfire.

I have compiled several apps myself, some of which worked well and others that

did not turn out to be sufficiently stable.



Compiling them can serve to reduce size and increase speed, often greatly,

but it isn’'t usually the easiest task that you will ever undertake.

…memory usage of the Wifi process.

Around 10k here, not really overwhelming.