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Reg : LDAP Integration with WildFire

Hi Folks…

I am a newbie in wildfire thing , I need to integrate my WildFire Server with an LDAP . can any of help in finding a free open source ldap server ( for windows) . I dont know where to find LDAP Server in net . Please help me



ApacheDS http://directory.apache.org/ is an opensource ldap/jndi server

it is included with other projects if your interested,

Geronimo http://geronimo.apache.org/ J2EE app server

Triplesec http://triplesec.safehaus.org/ Kerberos server

All of the above are java based and should work on windows as well as Linux

Here is how I did it…

host:[/b] I used the AD domain name (e.g. domain.com), which should resolve to any domain controller. You can also enter a specific domain controller (dc1.domain.com).

port:[/b] 389

usernameField:[/b] sAMAccountName

nameField:[/b] I used displayName, but you can also use the container name field (CN).

emailField:[/b] mail

baseDN:[/b] The distinguished name of the container that user searches will be performed on. For example, to include all users in your AD, use DC=domain,DC=com. To include only the users in the “Users” container, use CN=Users,DC=yourdomain,DC=com.

adminDN: The distinguished name of the user with permissions to perform directory operations (e.g. CN=Administrator,CN=Users,DC=domain,DC=com). I would recommend creating an account just for this situation and assigning the minimum amount of permissions needed (which I haven’'t determined yet).

authorizedUsernames: the container name of the adminDN user (e.g. Administrator).

Hi Folks …

Thanks for ur kind help … I had download OpenLdap for Windows …Itz also working fine …any way thanks for ur kind response

Thanks for you help