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Regarding Admin Console Authentication

Hi All,

This is VaasDasari i am new to this Community , i am Working as (Java) Senior Software Engineer in IMI Mobiles Pvt Ltd Hyderabad. I visited the "iginite realtime "

recently last month. i have gone through the documentation , it’s pretty interesting. i download the entire source code as well as respected API’s.

and i started using this code in my project, it helped me a lot for connecting other IM Clients Simultaneously with available plugins ( Kraken ) using Openfire XMPP Server.

So my Question is :

I have a Database ( XYZ ) :

Eg: i have one Table Called OfUser in my database XYZ with respected columns like , username,password,firstname,email,date

and there after , i installed openfire sourcecode in my eclipse IDE, i deployed the project and i given the database like " openfire " after successfull installation , several tables are imported into the openfire database.

so now i have a database openfire with several tables. this database realted to openfire XMPP Server Application.

and i have a databse XYZ with several tables . this is my application.

and there after i created the VIEW in datbase openfire with name OfUser …so i am getting rows information from XYZ database.

Eg: create view ofuser as
(select username as username,password as plainPassword,password as encryptedPassword,first_name as name,email_address as email,date_of_registration as creationDate,date_of_registration as modificationDate from Database.TableName).

so now my intention i renamed the ofuser table as ofuser1 in openfire database and after that i created the view with the name ( ofuser ) in my XYZ database.

so now i have plenty of records in ofuser table which are getting from my application in Openfire Database.

so now i login to the application and i provided the credentials as admin ( username ) admin ( password) in admin console window and i clicked on submit button . so here i am unable to login into the application, but however it not even showing the errors in the application, simply it refreshing the

page. i don’t know what the problem.

so i tested the application in debug mode :

the controls are going like this…

  1. AuthFactory --> validating Authenticate() method.


3)XMPP Callback Handler.java --> callbacks


  1. saslauthentication …

hope u can understand my problem, i request you to please suggest me the same, did i went anything worng with that procedure .

if you find any communication mistakes , it would be very grateful for your feedback.

Anticipating your help




I don’t understand why you use a view to connect to a remote database. There is the JDBC auth provider.

Do you want to connect to another Openfire database? There’s a system property “passwordKey” which should be the same on both Openfire servers if you want to be able to use the passwords.


Hi LG,

Thank your for ur reply,

Can u please tell me, how can i configure custom database integration.

i did the integration like this. but , when i login in to database i am getting invalid username and password in admin console,

I have a Database Mobyko with table name ACCOUNT having fields , username,password,first_name,email_address

do i need to do any changes in jdbcauthprovider.java and jdbcuserprovider.java class files,

more over i am little bit confusing, then what is the purpose of AuthFactory.java…here in this class we are configuring all the system properties…

Hope u can assist me,

Procedure :

Openfire.xml :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 9090 9091






com.mysql.jdbc.Driver jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/mobyko?user=root&password=adm in SELECT password FROM ACCOUNT WHERE username=? LIMIT 1 plain
        <loadUserSQL>SELECT first_name, email_address FROM ACCOUNT WHERE username = ? LIMIT 1</loadUserSQL>
        <userCountSQL>SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ACCOUNT</userCountSQL>
        <allUsersSQL>SELECT username FROM ACCOUNT ORDER BY username ASC</allUsersSQL>
           <searchSQL>SELECT username FROM ACCOUNT WHERE</searchSQL>




your reply would be appreciable,

Anticipating your help,

Regards Dasari…