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Registration difficulties

I’‘m trying to do some programmatic user registration via a client implemented as a WebLogic startup class. I’‘ve been trying for a long time to get this to work, but alas it doesn’'t. Here is the interaction with the server:

2/24/03 4:39 PM rholmann</userna


2/24/03 4:39 PM

I can’‘t figure out how my XML request is malformed. I’'ve made it so that it is the same as the XML registration request produced by Exodus:

2/21/03 2:21 PM test<pa


2/21/03 2:21 PM

Exodus is successful at registration, but I am not.

Would you happen to know what I’'d be doing wrong?

It’‘s ok, I figured it out. My mistake was that I had logged in as a certain user, and then I was trying to register other users using the registration protcol. It only works if I do all the registration BEFORE I log in. Meaning, I can’'t register other users from a client that is already logged in as some user.

You’‘ve got it right. Once you log in, registration can be used to reset your password, but can’‘t be used to set anyone else’‘s password or create accounts. That’'s the way the Jabber standards define the registration protocol.

However, I’‘ve been thinking that perhaps admin level accounts should be able to use registration to create other peopel’‘s accounts when they’'re logged in. This would be non-standard behavior but could be more useful.

What are you thoughts on this?

BTW - Sorry about the long time between alpha’‘s. I’‘m adding infrastructure for the web administration and future chatbot plug-in container which has stretched the time between useable releases. I’‘m hoping to have the next release by the end of the week but can’'t commit to anything firm yet.

I think that letting the admin user register accounts would definitely be useful.

No problem on the alpha delay. Alpha4 hasn’'t given me any problems and is usable for demo purposes. It also seems quite stable as it has been running for days.

Great to hear Alpha 4 is working well for you. I’‘ll add an issue to allow admin users to register other users via the iq:register protocol. It should make it into the release following the upcoming one unless it’'s a high priority for you.