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Registration packet changes

I’'ve created a little patch for smack - http://synic.ath.cx/smackchanges.patch.gz that basically removes the requirement for a username and password in the Registration packet.

This way it’‘s more flexible - you can register for things that don’'t need a username and password.

The AccountManager works the same way it did before.

What do you think?


Nice one

At the moment I’‘ve got a right pain when I’‘m dealing with jabber:iq:register packets for services, especially when it’'s for a gateway.

As it’'l break existing client code (well, mine at least ) perhaps we could have as part of Smack 2 ?

Hey Adam,

Reading JEP-77 it seems that your modification is correct since no field is required. I quickly looked at your patch and it was difficult to detect the changes since the old classes were completely removed and the new version added. Could you create a patch with only the affected methods? I would love to include your correction.


– Gato

Maybe you can help me out in that area then.

I have oldsource dir and newsource dir, and I type this:

diff -ruN oldsource newsource > smackchanges.patch

Does that look right?


Ok, I’'ve updated it - I think the patch just shows the changes now.


hrmm, is the patch ok now?

Hey Adam,

Thanks for the patch. Could you change your tab size to be 4 spaces? It will help me locate much better the differences in the patch.

Thanks again,

– Gato

Ok, this time I think I’'ve got it