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Registration Plugin Suggestion

I think the IM/E-Mail notification should give a little more information about who registered.

Maybe modify line 290 and 299 to something like this:

String msg = user.getName() + " just registered with the username: " + user.getUsername() + “@” + serverName;


Hi Caleb,

Good suggestion - it certainly makes a lot of sense if you administer muliple installations. I’‘ll add this to the plugin. Is there anything else you’'d like to see done with it?



It might be nice to include what groups a user is a member of in the im/e-mail.

This is kind of a custom thing with our orginization, because I wrote a plugin that upon registration it will add a user to one or more specific groups depending upon what is passed to it. And what is passed to the plugin depends upon what AD groups a user is a member of.

I was looking at the getGroups() method as a way to retrieve this info…

I did think of another feature that would be useful. Along with the ability to send a welcome IM message, it would be nice to be able to send a welcome e-mail.

I threw something together real quick that grabs the new users e-mail and then grabs the contents of the welcome message:

private void sendWelcomeEmail(User user) {

String msg = getWelcomeMessage();


EmailService emailService = EmailService.getInstance();

MimeMessage message = emailService.createMimeMessage();

String encoding = MimeUtility.mimeCharset(“iso-8859-1”);

try {

message.setRecipient(javax.mail.Message.RecipientType.TO, new InternetAddress(user.getEmail()));

message.setFrom(new InternetAddress(“admin@” + serverName, “Wildfire Administrator”, encoding));


message.setSubject(“Welcome To Wildfire”);


} catch (Exception e) {






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