Registration Plugin - Welcome message

I installed and configured the Registration Plugin.

Is there a way to create a user via the admin,where the user will be notified via their e-mail address that an account with initial password has been created ? I thought the Registration Plugin will notify the user with the welcome message. However I don’t see any welcome message via e-mail being sent to the registered user. Where does the Welcome message used ? It doesn’t seem to be working.

I do see there is a notification sent to the admin but no e-mail sent to the registered user.

Thanks in advance

This plugin is for something different. It sends a Welcome Message (not via email, but an instant message) to a newly registered user when he logs in for the first time. Users have to register themselves via their clients or via web page registration. Also this plugin automatically puts newly registered users to a defined group. You need a completely different plugin and there is no such plugin currently. Someone will have to code this for you.