Reinstalling 3.6.3, add administrator failure

I had some problems develop with the previous install, so I uninstalled and reinstalled from scratch. Database is external (MSSQL) and I am using Active Directory LDAP. During setup, all my tests for LDAP and SQL are fine…its the last step that is frustrating me. Adding the administrator.

“No username was provided or the specified username was not found” is the error I am getting. I am logged on with the user account I am trying to add as administrator. I’ve tried entering my windows username, “lastname, firstname”; as well as - all with failure. All users are first init and lastname. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Choose one or more users from your LDAP directory to be administrators by entering their usernames.(this is the question during setup).

a couple things:

  • The BaseDN must be broad enough to allow the ID you want to use
  • the default name structure you enter is just the username (johnd)

Thanks, backing out to my DC=domain,DC=com base group instead of OU=User Groups,DC=domain,DC=com seemed to work, but I really get a lot of users and groups added to my IM users / group lists that are not needed. (accounts that might have been created during app installs - like exchange, SMS, sql, etc) I dont keep any users in the default location - my AD is very structured so this is a bit of a pain - I ended up with 3 times my normal amount of users using this dn.