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Rejecting subscription request won''t work


was hoping to fix this problem with the lastest Smack release … but that’'s not it.

My problem is as follows:

If a user wants to reject a subscription request, I send a Presence packet with Type.unsubscribed

to the requester (and after that I remove the user from the roster). Stupid thing is,

that packet just won’‘t arrive at the requesters side so it get’'s hard distinguishing between a contact

that rejected a request and a contact that just requested a subscription (that’'s decidable

only after a presence package is recieved, what only happens in one case here).

So I’‘m currently screwed. I’'m using the latest stable ejabberd for Debian, Java 1.5

as well as the latest Smack version. My guess is, thats a server sided problem but I hope I am wrong ;).

Anyone came across something similiar or has a clue?

Help would be greatly appreciated.

With greetings from Berlin,

Oliver Schneider