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Relation "jivepresence" does not exist

I just upgraded from 3.1.1 to 3.2.2 on linux, postgres. I now have a bunch of these in my error logs:

2007.02.21 14:20:19 org.jivesoftware.wildfire.spi.PresenceManagerImpl.loadOfflinePresence(PresenceMa nagerImpl.java:531)

org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: relation “jivepresence” does not exist

at org.postgresql.core.v3.QueryExecutorImpl.receiveErrorResponse(QueryExecutorImpl .java:1512)

Does anyone know how I stop this error from happening? I’‘m not even sure what problems it’'s causing, but I do like to have my errors go away.


Hey Andrew,

The jivePresence table was added since Wildfire 3.2.0. How did you do the upgrade? Have you updated the resources/database/upgrade folder? Does it include the folder 11 ? You can either copy that folder (if missing) and run the server again or just execute the content of that script in your database to create the new table and update the jiveVersion table.


– Gato

I upgraded with the 3.2.2 rpm, with the rpm -Uvh options. I always make a tar backup and pg_dump my db beforehand, for safety. The rpm upgrader overwrites my custom resources/security/keystore file, as well as my conf/wildfire.xml file, so I copy those back. So, I upgrade like this:

  1. sudo /etc/init.d/wildfired stop

  2. tar/pg_dump

  3. sudo rpm -Uvh wildfire_new_version.rpm

  4. copy back wildfire.xml and keystore

  5. sudo chown -R jive /opt/wildfire (the jive user doesn’'t have the correct ownership after an upgrade)

  6. sudo /etc/init.d/wildfired start

I do have the postgres upgrade script in the 11 directory, so I just ran it by hand:

/opt/wildfire/resources/database/upgrade> psql -f 11/wildfire_postgresql.sql wildfire

psql:11/wildfire_postgresql.sql:9: NOTICE: CREATE TABLE / PRIMARY KEY will create implicit index “jivepresence_pk” for table “jivepresence”



Upgrades of wildfire have always been a bit problematic for me. The rpm leaves out some things like ownership, and overwrites things I think it shouldn’‘t, like my config. I’‘ve never been able to figure out what I need to do by hand. The docs (http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/wildfire/documentation.jsp) don’‘t list an upgrade page, and the install page (http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/wildfire/docs/latest/documentation/install- guide.html) doesn’'t talk about upgrades, either.

Well, I guess the install page does say “The resources/database directory contains SQL schema files to create new Wildfire databases, as well as upgrade scripts for existing installations.” It does not say that I need to figure out that the 11 dir is for the 3.2.2 upgrade, though.

I’‘ve very much liked using wildfire over the last year, by the way. I would like to see some more descriptive upgrade documentation; it’‘d really be helpful. Now I think I need to go back through the upgrade dir and see what else I haven’'t run.

Thanks for the help.