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Release date for Spark 2.5.8?

Which issues are you talking about? Non-JRE version and working Linux tray?

P.S. A have a bundle of new issues, i’ll post them after release

This version is very much needed due to some really nasty bugs. If it weren’t for the problems, I wouldn’t care when it was released. The beta works great, so I can’t figure out what the hold up is. I think a version would have been much preferred at this point.

I’m with COPClient,


…except for the pressure I’m getting daily due to users who can’t handle little problems…

Like I said before, there’s no hold up in terms of features or bugs. The hold up is in terms of the MSI installer keeps failing during QA. We’re trying to figure out what it’s problem is. All of the other installers appear to be fine. =( Sigh. I’m trying some other things though, stay tuned! Unfortunately there’s not a lot to choose from in terms of MSI installer builders that are all that easy to work with. I’m actually wondering if using the gui and building it that way isn’t the only way. At which point I’ll have to try it with QA in a more manual fashion. Whee. It has to pass QA before we’ll put it out. =)

Here’s mine 5 cents. I remember once it was week or longer when broken MSI was hanging in download section. And noone has changed it until next version. So what is the difference if we wount have MSI 2.5.8 for a while? Just release .exe ones and mention in Release thread that MSI is coming.

Well, please help me have a better understanding here… What exactly does an MSI buy you? What’s special about it over the EXE distributions? Is it kind of like the difference between a manual install script under linux vs an RPM? (where an RPM would be something you could automate and most likely the manual install script would not)

MSI files have a 2 fold benefit at the very least. They create restore points for windows. This is beneficial incase a new install messes up the OS, you can restore to the state prior to the install. Secondly Active Directory requires MSI files to install files at system boot, prior to login. This is needed to limit scripting and ensure proper permissions are maintained for the installed application. It also means that the users do not need elevated priveledges to install the software.

That’s not good enough, sorry. The problems in 2.5.7 outweigh any install issue with only ONE of the other install possibilities. It works, stop stalling.

First I am not involved in the process in any way.

Second I need it to be in MSI format to push to all my users via AD.

Lastly you tone is not appreciated. These guys make and distribute an awsome product (that most use free of charge). They recently had their Spark developer move on, and a new person come on board to take his place. Any reasonable person would realize that there will be an interuption in product development due to this. You need to be patient.

Todd, sorry the reply was not intended for you.

Patience is due to those who wish to stagnate. If we all become despondent, then where would we all be today in technology? Where would we be at all?

If you can wait for a fix to your problem, then by all means do. Others have a problem here that the fix is already in place and works. Delays for that fix due to an unrelated issue is not very good. No matter what context it originates.

Also, don’t asume negative tone. This is text, not vocal.

If you would like to build Spark 2.5.8 from trunk, be my guest. I’d certainly appreciate feedback on it. There’s already a note about potential bugs in 2.5.8 but it didn’t sound like anything critical. What exactly is bothering you so much from 2.5.7? I’d been using it for a while without big issues.

In the meantime, we have a process to go through and we are not going to release something that has not been properly tested. The goal is to have Spark 2.5.8 released this week whether we have to bug the original developer to build the packages for us or not.

If I release without all of the things we’ve offered to date, I’m just going to get accused of not caring about folk who require MSI installers and such anyway. I mean if only the Mac build worked, am I supposed to release something that just works on the Mac? I’d get my head torn off. =) I’m sorry it’s inconveniencing you. The plan is thursday of this week. (maybe earlier, not sure) Our QA people are really quick so they won’t hold up the process long. =)

We are your QA Btw, 2.5.7 do have one nasty bug, showing doubled online users instead of offline ones.