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Release date for Spark 2.5.8?

Does anyone have an idea of when Spark v2.5.8 will be scheduled for release from beta?



It supposed to be out this month. So I would say real soon.

Any updates??? We have 200 new clients anxiously waiting…NOOOO PRESSURE



laugh Wow, I didn’t even know you could do large text in here.

Anyway, all going well I aim to release Spark 2.5.8 this week. It would have been released last week but we ran into some issues with the installers.

You poor mac users are left out in the cold because you do not have access to the WYSIWYG.

This needs to be fixed! Macs always get left out to dry in WYSIWYG! Safari 3 does support WYSIWYG.

laugh actually it works just fine on a mac. I just have mine set to Plain Text. hehehe

Hi. You could also take a peek at the roadmap in the issue tracker for Spark. It doesn’t say the actual release date (at least I couldn’t find it) but you can see what issues are still unresolved.

Hope it helps,


grin Actually those issues you see there aren’t for 2.5.8. They’re to be moved to 2.5.9, but I don’t yet have the admin access I need to JIRA for the Spark project. All of the 2.5.8 issues are completed at this time. All going well I want to release it this week. (probably thursday)

I am envisioning people say I want my Spark 2.5.8 to the tune Money For Nothing by Dire Straits. Hehe .

So it would be just Beta 1 renamed to final? Or have you fixed something in Beta already?

I’ve fixed a few things since beta 1. Including removing the need for the ExtraGatewayPlugin. (all transports are supported directly by spark now).

Hey, i see that all 2.5.8 issues in road map are solved, so we are waiting for a release And i even see you have filled some of my old reports. (line wrapping, avatar sizes). You could reply something in my threads though, so it wount be a surprise to see that some of my issues are already fixed, so i would mark them as answered then

Still fighting with the stupid MSI installer and need to run it through QA. Advanced Installer, which is what we use to build the MSI installers, is kind of a pain. I kind of wish install4j built MSI installers… I can’t see any evidence that it does. There’s a lot of nifty (even free) tools for building MSIs, but as far as I can tell advanced installer is the only one that accounts for Java nicely. I’m open for suggestions. Something that would nicely build from the command line in an automated fashion.

Either way, I think I’ve gotten it worked out with existing methods. We’ll see!

Hi Daniel,

you should probably focus on building the java application and deliver it as a zip or tgz file and release it first.

As building and testing platform depending installers or builds like MSI, RPM, … takes long you could delay the release of them.


Please, make Linux version without JRE too. I don’t need to download 20Mb of x86 JRE, my platform is x86_64

Most of Linux distributions already has the JRE, so they don’t need it too. So, both versions would be nice (with and without JRE)

Will you include special Linux plugin to make tray working? I found it somewhere on these forums and can send it to you, if you want.

The worst thing (as for now) in Spark for me is ‘History’ and history searching.

History is very important for users, lack of searching support disappoints then

It would be really nice if you made support of the server-side logs search like XEP-0136 suggests.

LOL guys guys, right now I’m just focusing on getting 2.5.8 built and out the door “as promised”. It’s got a lot of memory fixes and such that Derek got into place before he moved on. We should have something out soon. Sorry it didn’t get out when we originally said it would be out, but it’s coming!


But tray must work on Linux too, do you agree? And version without JRE should exist So, please do it before release.

I’m using Spark from the svn trunk and can see all the bugfixes and features (and new bugs too, btw

grin There’s not likely to be many/any changes for 2.5.8. 2.5.9 perhaps! =) Have you tried fixing the issues you’ve run into/do you have any patches for me? =)