Releasing Spark 2.7.0 in its current state?

I think with Openfire 3.10.0 release there is a problem for people using Spark 2.6.3 (current official release, which is more than 3 years old) and i think it is related to bundled Java update in Openfire. SSL not working properly. Though i was thinking about the idea of releasing Spark 2.7.0 before, but maybe its time. I can prepare a blog post for it explaining new features, fixes and caveats (especially one that there are no maintainer or developers for Spark). There are some major unfinished tasks like update to current Smack or voice chat overhaul, but this can drag for years. I’ve been using 2.7.0 recent builds in production for a few years and i think it is more stable than 2.6.3.

So, is it possible for someone to tag it for release and then Daryl will build and put it on the Downloads page? Of course, if something major pops up, there would be no maintainer to fix it. But 2.6.3 would still be available for download (will provide a link in the blog post).

I am fine with this and will work on it now.

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Great! Do you want me to prepare a blog post? I can probably do this in a few hours. Also maybe it would be helpful to mention current problem on the 3.10.0 blog post and give a link to the current Spark build?

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Yes, prepare a blog post.

Should be done. I don’t have a Mac 2.7.0 dmg artifact though…

Mac OS version is still broken, so no reason to build it. Can we still have a 2.6.3 installer for Mac along with 2.7.0 on the Downloads? Or maybe we should just remove Mac OS links. I will explain it in the blog post (along with the problem with our building environment).

I see that you provide md5 sums usually. Can you do it for me and post them here? I may try doing it myself, but it will take more time.

Here are sha1sums

1f74720be219fda89c450869291c0f15116f7c89 spark_2_7_0.deb

4f6c5b0c6ee7eb876509e724032222e1c997e8b1 spark_2_7_0.exe

db25cd5cf0871bdd3dd1ca5ed22592b99f57d37e spark_2_7_0.tar.gz

0ab7bcfdebf6177399bf3107d0d26c22869b5795 spark-2.7.0.rpm

ab1f1e2ca5def7801d64183bfcb5d54697292e71 spark-2.7.0.src.rpm

eac98c6a9123170b52160499bfe8857c68d1d736 online/spark_2_7_0_online.exe

For 2.6.3, I thought some dev built the dmg and provided it to us?

I don’t remember, it was 3 years ago Never mind. Thanks for the hashes, i have just posted on the blog. My first blog post

I see that changelog contains some open issues. Probably because some tickets has 2.7.0 as a fix version. Will go through them and bump. Will it regenrate the changelog?

So, can you remove the 0.00 download for Mac? Also, i see sha1 for deb package, but no deb for download.

Oh dear, Jira threw an error when I attempted to auto migrate those. Once you fix Jira, could you let me know and I’ll fix the changelog

Yep, i see that it doesn’t auto update. I will ping you here once i go through all of them.

Done. Put all open ones to “Open Defects” so they shouldn’t be a problem for a future releases.

I see you did an update, but changelog is still the same.


Huh, forgot to refresh the page with Ctrl-R, was showing me a cached version

So, how about removing that zero bytes Mac installer? Though this probably won’t help that much, but would be more correct. People will still go to forums complaining about the missing installer… I suppose adding something like “no installers planned” in place of the installer is not possible at all?

It should be gone now.