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Releasing XIFF 3.1.0

Hello everyone,

I have been busy working on XIFF recently and planning to make a new release.

The current release was made soon two years ago and in order to honour that date, I plan to make the release available in 22nd of this month.

I am still in the middle of testing everything that the new features are working as well as any existing is still working.

However I would like to ask someone, notably the people who have done the releases before, namely Mark Walters and Armando Jagucki, to help me in making the release.

I do not have the rights to publish anything the download area nor write a blog post about the release…

Also I would like some other pair of eyes to take a look on the code, as unfortunetly I have not received much feedback of the recent changes.




Thanks for all your effort on XIFF. While I don’t have the ability to help you with the code review, I can certainly make the release happen on the website. Just private message me when ready.

Regarding a blog post, I think you should be elevated to the key contribtors group on Jive SBS, so you can make blog posts. Anybody disagree?


I approve Juga is doing a lot with XIFF for a few years now, as much as i remember. I don’t think we will hear anything from Armando. I think i have seen Walters on the forums some time ago, but probably he is not very active to help with that.

I agree as well. It will be great to have more bloggers


XIFF is not on our plate. More Spark and GoJara/Spectrum. Plus some OF plugins for operational purposes. We are still around, but not as active as in the past.


Thank you for the honour!


I seem to have access now to “Jive SBS Admin Console” but cannot find where would the blog post could be created…

I’m all for it too. Welcome to the dark side club, Juga!

Try this link


I get “Unauthorized” for that link…

Try again!

Now I got to the edit form, thanks!

Umm… where can I add the zip file for it to be availble in downloads section?

I handle that, we don’t have a mechanism otherwise. Just let me know where it is.