Reminder: Vote for Openfire

You may remember me asking for everyone’s help a few months back to vote for Openfire. We’re entered in the Enterprise Open Source Reader???s Choice Award in the “Best Open Source Product” category. The deadline for voting is May 31, which is just one week away. If you haven’t already voted, please visit the site to cast your vote. Note that the voting process started before the rename of the server, which is why you’ll see the old Wildfire name.

The good news is that we’re in the lead position with 198 votes. But other projects aren’t far behind and I’d be thrilled to solidify our lead and hit at least 250 votes. Thanks for your help!

I’d definitely vote, but upon entering my email address, it says that I’ve already voted…? I’ll have to use another.

You got my Vote!!

I’ll give you also my vote.

So just about 5 days left this month …

hmmm maybe its a good place to remind another thing -release-coming-soon/#comments … “Around the middle of this month” … Lets see if we get version 3 the next 5 days.

You got my vote also, BEST OF LUCK

You guys rock! We’re now at 294, which was more than I was hoping for. Of course, now we’re obligated to pass 300. Heh heh.

It seems that you did pass 300 with 342 un-audited votes while ejabberd has 40. votes. Quite interesting, so far.

Best Open Source Product

Winner – Jive Software Wildfire EIM Server, Jive Software