Remote group update or Is there a way to push a (partial) roster refresh?


Is there a way to dynamically change the users in a group?

Here is the scenario:

We would like to have a group (’‘workingOnTaskX’’) with all the users currently working on ‘‘TaskX’’. From our Web application server, we can know who is currently working on TaskX, but how can we push this information (= change the users in group ‘‘workingOnTaskX’’) to the Spark clients? Is it possible to dynamically change a client’'s roster group from the serverside (or from a bot)?

The question could be:

From the server side, is there a way to push a (partial) roster refresh to spark client?

I think this should be possible using JEP-0144: Roster Item Exchange with some configuration, but I don’'t think wildfire implements it.

Any clue?

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Did you find out if this can be done - I am also trying to push the user’'s status to clients (including their own).

thank you