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Remote MUC history randomly out of order?

This isn’‘t so much a Wildfire question as it is a general question regarding MUC within XMPP. I apologize in advance for posting so many MUC issues as of late, but, that’‘s one of the things I use a lot within XMPP. There are many times that I’'ve joined a remote conference and, when the history is retrieved, it seems to be out of order. The dates and times of the past messages are all over the place. However, when I join a MUC on my own server (running Wildfire 3.2.1 Enterprise), the room history is always in order as best I can tell.

To make this more complicated, it depends on which rooms I’‘ve joined. Sometimes it’‘s a room running on jabberd1.4 or jabberd2, othertimes ejabberd. It isn’‘t always out of order, but it seems to be that way more times than not. I’‘ve looked through the XEP and can’‘t see anywhere that the message sorting is mentioned (either client-side or server-side). So I’‘m not really sure where the problem exists, if it’'s a problem at all. Has anyone else experienced this before?

This isn’'t urgent, nor a bug report (yet), but just trying to get info from others about it. Thanks!


Hi MysticOne,

JM-835 is a know issue.


Ahhh, I didn’'t even think to look through the bugs yet. My apologies. Thanks for the answer.